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Class Teacher: Miss Carr       
Teaching Assistant: Miss Clegg

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Reception Long Term Planning 2021-2022

A Snapshot of Our Learning in Robin Class


Robin Class - Our Curriculum 2021-2022


Robin Stay and Play- May 2022


Holy Week by Robin Class

We have been learning about the events of Holy Week and have been using role-play to develop our understanding.
Holy Week by Robin Class




Our Walk Around the Local Area

 We had a lovely stroll around our local area. We got to see all the local places around South Chadderton as well as develop our map and direction skills. 

Check out our video...

Our Walk around the local area


Class Reminders

MON -Forest School- Group 1 (every fortnight)
TUE -Forest School- Group 2 (every fortnight)
-Reading books kept in school- books will be changed (please make sure home reading records are signed)

-Home learning tasks sent home (to be returned by the following Friday)

Our home learning tasks are sent home via paper copy and are placed in children's book bag

Our Class Saint

Our Class Saint is St Joseph. 

Feast Day: 19th March

Patron Saint of the Universal Church, families, fathers, expectant mothers, travellers, immigrants, house sellers and buyers, craftsmen, engineers and working people.



 Summer 1 Newsletter

Storytime Online- Summer 1

Our Super Six Books- Summer 1


Floppy's Phonics

In school we follow the Floppy's Phonics Scheme. 
It is a step-by-step synthetic phonics reading scheme which introduces the children to the letters and sounds – the alphabetic code – that will become the
foundation of their reading and writing.

Mini Alphabetic Code Chart 


Each week we kindly ask for a £1 voluntary donation towards our EYFS fund. Money donated is used to enhance provision and support the learning development of the children in Reception. 

Thank you for your support.

Supporting Reading at Home

 Reading at HomeSaying Sounds.pdfTips for Talking.pdf

Great ways to support learning at home:

Sharing books and stories – telling stories and talking about pictures in books helps children to learn and understand new words and also develop a love of reading.
Singing songs and rhymes – singing songs and rhymes together teaches children to predict language structures and develops their vocabulary.
Playing with letters and sounds – playing games with the shapes and sounds of letters is a fun way of introducing children to language and early reading.
Setting up a play date – young children learn through play. Playing together helps children develop the skills they need to communicate well and socialise, especially when they start going to nursery and school.
Getting out and about – when you go out for a walk or you’re at the supermarket, help children to spot and recognise the signs and words around them. This encourages talk.
Painting and drawing – making marks and scribbles with a lots of different materials allows children to express themselves, helps their muscles develop and supports early writing.
Using the library – parents and children can borrow books for free and attend storytelling and rhyme groups.

How to promote and support reading at home…
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CBeebies- Bedtime Stories 




Storyline Online


Once upon a picture




Love My Books




Oral Health

During Early Years' Foundation Stage, a child's first experiences with oral health can impact on the rest of their life. That's why it's so important to teach them about their mouth and introduce them to good habits as soon as possible.

Oral Health