Corpus Christi Primary School

Corpus Christi RC Church - The Parish of Divine Mercy

Are you…

  1. New to the Parish Of Divine Mercy?
  2. Know someone who is sick or in hospital?
  3. Can you help the parish or us you?
  4. Like a visit from the priest?

Please speak to Fr. Lawrence after mass or at any convenient time.


All about Fr Lawrence:

Fr Lawrence joined our Corpus Christi family in September 2020.

How long have you been a priest? I have been in the priesthood for seven years.

What is your favourite hobby? I enjoy taking walks

What is your favourite food? My favourite British food is fish and chips

What is your favourite Bible story? My favourite Bible story is ‘The Good Samaritan’

Message from Fr Lawrence… “God Bless you and your families. I am praying for you all.”

Contact Details

Corpus Christi RC Church
8 Derby Street, 

St Herberts RC Church
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