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Welcome To Duckling

Welcome to Duckling Class!

In our Nursery class, we encourage the children to learn through play. Our classroom and outdoor area are designed so that the children can access their own resources and take their learning in their own direction. Throughout the year we will change and adapt the children’s environment to suit their individual needs.

Class Teacher: Mrs Pryke

Teaching Assistants: Miss Clegg and Miss Browne

Our class email address is:

(Class emails are to be used for sending pictures or information to celebrate out of school activities. Please note they will not receive a reply from the class teacher.)

School Twitter Page: @corpus1275


Nursery Long Term Planning 2023-2024 

Nursery Curriculum Overview 2023-2024 

Class Reminders

MON £1 EYFS is payable today.  




FRI Weekly updates will be put in communication books with information for the following week. 

Duckling Class- Our Curriculum 2023-2024


Our Class Saint is St Nicholas 


Feast Day: 6th December 2023

St Nicholas is widely known as the patron saint of children.

Many of his stories tell of children being rescued from calamity and returned to their families.  


Autumn 1 2023 

Autumn 2 2023  

Spring 1 2024 

Spring 2 2024


Phonics in the nursery, concentrates on developing children's speaking and listening skills and lays the foundations for the phonics work which starts in Reception. The emphasis during this early stage, is to get children attuned to the sounds around them and ready to begin developing oral blending and segmenting skills.
Phase 1 is divided into seven aspects. Each contains three strands: Tuning in to sounds (auditory discrimination), listening and remembering sounds (auditory memory and sequencing) and talking about sounds (developing vocabulary and language comprehension). It is intended that each of the first six aspects should be dipped into, rather than going through them in any order, with a balance of activities.
The 7 aspects  are:
  • environmental sound discrimination
  • instrumental sound discrimination
  • body percussion
  • rhythm and rhyme
  • alliteration
  • voice sounds
  • oral blending and segmenting


Thank you to all the parents who have paid their £1 EYFS fund.
This weekly donation enables us to source valuable resources for your children to use at nursery. 

Supporting language at home 

Before your child can learn to read and write they need to be able to speak clearly and confidently. Please encourage them to use full sentences at all times, to enhance their understanding and speaking skills. 
Great ways you can help at home: 
  • Singing nursery rhymes 
  • Reading books together
  • Let your child make up their own story using pictures 
  • Talk to your child about what they can see/ hear/ smell/ touch when you are out and about 
  • Paint, draw and create- using their imagination is a great way to bring out their language skills 
  • Play! Children learn best during play, give them memorable experiences such as baking, trips out to the park or local library

50 things before you're 5

50 Things To Do Before You're Five gives 50 activities that parents can do to support their children. Each family will receive a home learning book in which you can record your child's successes and achievements at home. You can also record any activities from the '50 things...' list that you do as a family.


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