Corpus Christi Primary School

Faith Life Team

Trust in the Lord

What is our Faith Life Team?

Our Faith Life Team, established in 2016, consists of members of our school and parish community.

On a termly basis we meet and discuss our many branches of our faith life here at Corpus Christi and here we work together to support one another. 

Name Faith Life Team Role School & Parish Role
Miss D Carr

RE and Faith Life Leader

Prayer and Liturgy Leader
Caritas in Action

Reception Class Teacher
RE & Faith Life Leader
Mrs L Marciniak Pupil Chaplaincy Leader

Reception Class Teacher

Music Co-ordinator 

Miss C Clegg Pupil Chaplaincy Leader Nursery TA
Miss R Chauhan Mini Vinnies Leader Reception TA
Mrs F Hince Mini Vinnies Leader Year 5 TA
Miss K Coughlin

Sacramental Programme 


Year 3/4 Class Teacher
LKS2 Phase Leader
Mrs K Jones RE Governor  Parishioner 
Foundation Governor
Mrs C Maymon Sacramental Programme
Catechist/ Faith Friend
Chair of Governors
Mrs V Holt Sacramental Programme
Catechist/ Faith Friend

Foundation Governor

Mrs W Scallan  RSHE Leader

Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss A Mallitt Laudato Si’ Leader Site Manager
Miss R Anslow Laudato Si’ Leader Year 3/4 TA
Mrs L Evans Parent Representative  Member of the Parish
Fr L Imoisili Parish Priest Parish Priest-
Parish of Divine Mercy
Mrs J Gifford Previous RE and Faith Life Leader Deputy Headteacher
SENCO/Safeguarding Lead
Mrs H Williamson School Representative Headteacher