Corpus Christi Primary School

Laudato Si'

“Let us be protectors of creation, protectors of God’s plan inscribed in nature, protectors of one another and the environment.” 
Pope Francis

Laudato Si'

  Laudato Si' Animation

Our Laudato Si' Team at Corpus Christi

Miss Carr RE & Faith Life Leader
Miss Mallitt Laudato Si' School Leader 
Miss Anslow Laudato Si' School Leader
Mrs Mundy  Forest School Leader

Meet our Pupil Team


What is Laudato Si'?

In Laudato Si' - On Care For Our Common Home, Pope Francis urges society to move away from the myth of perennial progress at the expense of the Earth’s resources, and calls on us to recognise that development which fails to respect the Earth is a false economy.

The encyclical says that at the root of the crisis we face our tendency to place humanity over and above the rest of creation. This is closely linked to the technocratic paradigm - the idea that we have confused the increase in control and manipulation of the world with progress. The Pope thinks we experience these ways of thinking as a consumerist culture characterised by wastefulness, indifference and the “rapidification” of daily life. All this, he suggests, is to the detriment of relationships with ourselves, our neighbours, the earth and God.

Instead, we need a new definition of progress rooted in “integral ecology”, recognising that “everything is connected” and hearing both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. Pope Francis calls for all people to dialogue in society about how best to tackle the global issues we face.

Though a common plan is needed, he says, there are differentiated responsibilities and we require an approach that puts care for the very poorest at the centre of the way we live our lives.

"We are Guardians of Creation."
Laudato Si Prayer

Papa Francesco Enciclica Laudato Si

A Snapshot of Our Laudato Si' Team in Action

Laudato Si'

  Energy Saving Week 2024

For Energy Saving Week 2024, Our Laudato Si team created an video to help encourage saving energy at home. 

Our Laudato Si Team Commissioning Assembly 2023

Laudato Si Commissioning 2023

Today we officially commissioned our new members of the Laudato Si team. The children mad a pledge for the role they have took on.


The 'BIG' Corpus Clean Up

The BIG Corpus Clean Up 2023

Our Laudato Si group led their annual community clean up. Many families attended the event and spent a couple of hours cleaning up around the local area. We were lucky enough to meet local councillors and talk to them about our work.


The 'BIG' Corpus Clean Up 2021

With the support of Oldham Council, we held our first ever BIG Corpus Clean Up. In response to Earth Week, we decided to get together in force and tackle the litter in our local community. Our families came out in the rain to support the event and it was a great success.

What does our Laudato Si' team do?

Our Laudato Si' team is made up with children from Year 4. Every week they have a weekly meeting with Miss Mallitt and Miss Anslow. During their meetings they will carry our work surrounding their focus of the week. 

Meatless Mondays

In March 2022, with support of our kitchen staff, we introduced 'Meatless Mondays' to our menu at dinner time and offer a variety of meatless meals every Monday to our children. In recent news, we have been asked as a local and global community to think about reducing our global footprint. We invite children, staff and families to take part. 

Pope Francis asks us all to promote "healthy planet, healthy people."

Promoting Laudato Si' as a whole school

-Earth Week and Earth Hour

-The 'BIG' Corpus Clean Up

-Recycling (paper, milk bottles)

-Recycling used batteries 

-Plant a Plant

-Meatless Mondays

-St Joseph Penny (creating our own collection pots)

-RSPB Birdwatch

-Saving energy: making posters to promote turning off the lights

see our gallery for whole school events we have done to promote Laudato Si'


 Climate Change