Corpus Christi Primary School

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Primary Role Name Other Roles
Headteacher Mrs H Williamson


 Assessment Lead

Deputy Headteacher Mrs J Gifford



Key Stage One Lead

Mrs G Cooper

English Lead

French Lead

RE and Faith Life Lead Miss D Carr

Reception Teacher

Early Years Foundation Stage Lead


Mrs D Pryke 

Nursery Teacher

Reading and Phonics Lead

Lower Key Stage Two Lead Miss K Coughlin

Year 3/4 Teacher
Geography Lead

Sacramental Programme 

Upper Key Stage Two Lead


Mr A Hough

Year 6 Teacher

Mathematics Lead

School Business and Finance Manager

Mrs F Helim


Phases and Classes

Early Years Foundation Stage

(Nursery & Reception)


Mrs D Pryke (Nursery Class Teacher) 

Miss L Marciniak (Reception Class Teacher) 

Miss D Carr (Reception Class Teacher) 

Miss D Zahra (Teaching Assistant)

Miss K Browne (Teaching Assistant) 

Miss R Chauhan (Teaching Assistant) 

Miss C Clegg  (Teaching Assistant)

Key Stage One

(Year One & Year Two)

Miss B Bailey(Year One Class Teacher)  

Mrs M Broadgate (Year One/Two Class Teacher) 

Mrs G Cooper (Year Two Class Teacher) 

Mrs L Cooper (HLTA)  

Mrs D Grigorjevs  (HLTA) 

Mrs D Mundy (HLTA)

Mrs D Booth (SEND Teaching Assistant) 

Mrs K Knaggs (SEND Teaching Assistant) 

Lower Key Stage Two

(Year Three & Year Four)

Miss A Whitely (Year Three Class Teacher) 

Miss K Coughlin (Year Three/Four Class Teacher) 

Miss L Smith (Year Four Class Teacher) 

Miss R Anslow (HLTA)

Mrs E Lowe (HLTA)

Mrs J Halford (HLTA) 

Mrs G Quinlivan (SEND Teaching Assistant) 

Upper Key Stage Two

(Year Five & Year Six)

Miss O McKnight  (Year Five Class Teacher)  

Mrs A Rodgers (Year Five/Six Class Teacher) 

Miss A Moran (Year Six Class Teacher)  

Mr A Hough (Year Six Class Teacher)  

Mrs F Hince  (HTLA) 

Mrs N Bamber (HLTA)

Miss S Kulczycki (SEND Teaching Assistant) 

Miss A Seers (SEND Teaching Assistant)

Administrative Staff

Business Manager Mrs F Helim
Administrative support Mrs J Wyke


Premises Manager  Ms A Mallitt
Cleaner  Ms J Nazir
Cleaner Mrs J Dean

Midday Supervisors

Ms D O’Connell Ms L O’Keeffe
Miss E O’Donoghue Mrs S Street
Mrs M Shaw Mrs A Warwick
Miss K Nazir Ms T Barnes 
Ms B Nazir Mrs J Baker

Kitchen Staff

Mrs P Schofield (Kitchen Supervisor)
Ms J Nazir Mrs J Dean

Peripatetic Music Staff

Recorder Mrs Riley-Robinson
Brass Mr Hobson