Corpus Christi Primary School

Welcome To Owl

A warm welcome to Owl Class - Year 6. Our class teachers are Mr Hough and Miss Moran. Our higher level teaching assistant is Mrs Bamber. 
Our classroom is a happy and caring environment where we support and encourage one another to achieve our full potential. 
Here is an overview of our learning for the Autumn term:
Here is an overview of our learning for the Spring term:

 Our Class Saint

Our class Saint: St John Bosco

Feast Day: 31st January

Patron Saint of young people, especially those living in poverty.

"We do not try to excuse our faults; we try to correct them".
-St John 'Don' Bosco

Here are some photographs of our recent learning.

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Owl Class - Our Curriculum 2022-2023

Year 6 Groups

The children in Year 6 are split into two Maths groups and two English groups. Therefore, your child will have either Miss Moran or Mr Hough for Maths or English. 


For indoor lessons, children wear a plain white t-shirt, navy blue shorts and black PE pumps. PE lessons may take place outdoors and the children will therefore need an outdoor kit kept in school at all times. Children may wear plain navy-blue tracksuit trousers, a navy-blue jumper, plain white t-shirt and trainers for outdoor lessons. The outdoor kit is optional however trainers are necessary. PE kit must stay in school and will be sent home at half term to be washed. If a child regularly does not have their PE kit in school on their PE day, then it will affect their position on ALWAYS.

Please ensure that ALL items of clothing including pumps are labelled with your child’s name. 


Homework will always be given with the exception of school holidays. Homework is set on Google Classrooms which can be accessed via numerous devices (laptop, computer, tablet/iPad, phone, xbox). Work can be returned as a typed document. Alternatively, children will also be provided with an exercise book to keep at home which may be used to complete work and then a photo uploaded to Google Classrooms. The logins will remain the same and the children will be reminded.

All homework will be set on a Monday and is due in for the following Monday by 08:45am. It allows him/her to do some each night or all in one night. Homework is recorded and monitored and any which is not completed at home will result in your child not being on the ‘Always’ stage for that half term. It is important that homework is completed as the activities set will help prepare your child for their SATs and their time at secondary school.

Google Classroom Login Times Table Rockstars Login Mathletics Login Spelling Shed Login  

Home learning links

Maths - White Rose Home Learning Maths - Hit the Button game Maths - Daily 10 Maths - Super Movers Maths - Maths Zone Learning Recap 

English - BBC Revision Science - BBC Revision Science - Quizzes Computing - Scratch History - Quizzes History - Homework help Geography - Homework help PE - 60 second challenges


As well as set homework, your child should also spend time each evening reading for at least 10 minutes. He/she will bring home a book from school. This book must be read as your child will have been assessed and set to match their reading band age. They may also read a book of their own choice from home / the library alongside this if they wish. If your child is assessed as a free reader, they will be able to read either a book from the school library or their own book from home.

Each child will also receive a reading record. The record should be filled in every time the child reads at home (minimum 3 x per week). The children should make notes about what they have read each week and have this signed by a parent / carer. This will be checked in school weekly so any parental comments can also be communicated here.

Year 6 Suggested Reading List


Children will be assessed and placed into groups for their spelling's lessons. Spelling lessons will take place in the mornings and a spelling test will take place every Monday. Spellings are best learnt little and often rather than all the night before. We also recommend that children practise the common exception words for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 which are attached to this letter.

The Year 6 children will take a spelling test during SATs week. Although the children will not have a writing test, their writing will be continuously assessed throughout the year, and they must be able to spell and use in context most of the common exception words to meet age related expectations.

Useful spelling techniques End of KS1 Spellings End of LKS2 Spellings End of UKS2 Spellings

Here is a document created showing previous spellings from the SPAG test:

SATs previous spellings

Times Tables

Your child should also regularly practise their times tables up to 12 times tables. Again, we would recommend 10 minutes per night to improve their knowledge and speed. To help with maths progress, they must know all their tables with confidence and be able to recall them rapidly. 

Times Table Songs 

SATs Assessments

The National KS2 SATs will take place from Monday 8th May 2023 to Thursday 11th May 2023.

Reading Comprehension – this paper is 1 hour long. During this time, the children are expected to read three short texts and answer a variety of questions about what they have read. They may be asked to define, retrieve, summarise, infer, predict, relate, explore and compare.

GPS – this stands for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling . One paper will test the children on 20 spellings of increasing difficulty. The other paper is 45 minutes long and has a selection of questions which assess their knowledge and understanding of punctuation and grammar rules.

Maths Paper 1 – this is an arithmetic paper. Within this paper, the children are quizzed on the four calculations along with fractions, decimals and percentages.

Maths Paper 2 and Paper 3 – these papers assess problem solving and reasoning skills in all maths topics.

Writing – there is no writing test however the children will be continually assessed throughout the course of the year in their writing in all subjects in school.

School Bag

Please encourage your child to bring a bag to school to take letters and books home in and return them. We also ask all children in KS2 to bring in an empty pencil case. This pencil case will remain in school all year and will be filled with stationery provided by school. 

Walking home

In Year 6, children are allowed to walk home. A permission letter must be signed by parents/carers before they are allowed to walk home. 

 Class Reminders


Spelling test.

New spellings handed out.


English & Maths homework handed out (set of Google Classroom)

Previous week's Homework (Maths & English) due in.


PE – ensure full kit is in school.

Times Table Rockstars, Mathletics and Spelling Shed, 3x per week


Home Reading Records to be handed in (10-20 minutes reading to an adult, 3x per week)




SUN  Mass at Church 10AM