Corpus Christi Primary School

Before and After School Club

A wide range of extra-curricular activities are on offer to the pupils to help them develop as many skills as possible.

Our pupils have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of competitions, visits and events.



  • The service cares for children who attend Corpus Christi Nursery, Infant and Junior School Only.

  • There is a registration fee of £5 per annum.

  • Daily charges are £5.50 per morning, £6.50 per afternoon.

  • Family rates available.

  • Children are cared for in the Parish Hall, which is adjoining the school hall.

  • Children do not leave the school building in the morning; they are taken to their classes.

  • At the end of the p.m. session they are collected from class and do not leave the building to ensure complete safety.

OFSTED reports that:

Children eagerly arrive at the club and immediately seek out their friends to share
their news and experiences with them. Rooms are filled with an abundance of
laughter and animated conversation as children of all ages play and socialise
harmoniously together. Children have access to an extremely well-resourced
environment, both indoors and outside. They are able to make independent choices
about what they want to play with and contribute to the decision-making about
what activities and experiences are provided.