Corpus Christi Primary School

School Dinners & Packed Lunches

 I’m Mrs Bryer, the cook at Corpus Christi RC School. My menus are tailored around what the children enjoy eating whilst still maintaining Government standards and guidelines on nutrition. I work hard with my catering team to encourage the children to try new foods by creating many themed days and making the food fresh, vibrant and tasty. This year our themed days have included Chinese New Year, St Patricks day, St Georges day, African themed day, Valentines day and World Book day. We will continue to develop this throughout the year. We love the children's honest feedback and let them voice what they would like to see on the updated menus. The current menu is one I have developed by listening to children's feedback and observing the meals that our children enjoy the most. We will have a whole new menu from September 2024 with the help of the children, some dishes will stay as they are firm favourites but I'm sure they will have many new items. 

School meals are available to pupils at a cost of £2.70 per day, £13.50 per week or at no cost to those in receipt of a free meal entitlement. If your child would like to transfer to school dinners, please speak to Mrs Helim at the school office.                                                    

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