Corpus Christi Primary School

School Uniform

Personal appearance is of the utmost importance and correct uniform must be worn. The list below is compulsory.

Girls Boys
Blue shirt (children in Duckling Class may wear a blue polo shirt) Blue shirt (children in Duckling Class may wear a blue polo shirt)
School tie (not required for Duckling Class) School tie (not required for Duckling Class)
Navy sweatshirt or navy cardigan with school logo Navy sweatshirt with school logo
Navy blue skirt with pleats or a pinafore dress or navy or dark grey trousers Grey trousers
Black shoes with flat heels (not trainers or boots) Ordinary black shoes (not trainers)
For religious reasons, UKS2 girls may wear a plain navy blue hijab. For health and safety reasons, this must not be decorated with jewels.

Summer Uniform

Pale blue and white gingham dress.

Summer Uniform

Grey shorts, short sleeved blue shirt, school tie.


Indoor PE Kit
Girls Boys

Navy blue shorts or PE skirt

Navy blue shorts
White t-shirt (no logos) White t-shirt (no logos)
Black pumps - no trainers Black pumps - no trainers
Outdoor PE Kit
Navy blue joggers Navy blue joggers
Navy blue jumper Navy blue jumper
White t-shirt (no logos) White t-shirt (no logos)
Outdoor trainers Outdoor trainers

All PE kits should be in school at all times. They should be taken home at the end of each half term to be washed. 

Long hair must be tied up and any earrings removed. 

Items Not Acceptable

  • No jewellery except a small pair of studs.
  • No hair gel.
  • No extreme hairstyles.
  • No false nails or nail polish.
  • All items of clothing and footwear should be clearly marked with the child's name.
  • Football kits are not part of the school uniform and should not be worn for games lessons.
  • Shirts and blouses should be tucked in.
  • Hair bobbles should be plain.

 Apart from items with the school logo and school ties, all other uniform can be purchased from your own choice of supplier. 

School ties and book bags can be purchased from the school office. 

If you require any support with school uniform please contact Mrs Helim at the school office.