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SEND Contact Information

We hope that this provides you with the information you need but if there is anything you feel we could help you with further do not hesitate to contact the school office or the following specialist staff:

  • SENDCO and Deputy Headteacher – Mrs J Gifford
  • Head teacher – Mrs H Williamson
  • SEND Link Governor - Mrs Claire Bardsley

Corpus Christi SEN Information Report

What we offer to support the learning and additional needs of children with SEND

Corpus Christi is an inclusive and supportive school that aims to inspire and have high ambitions for all our pupils. As a Catholic school our aim is to nurture and develop within our children all of their talents. We strongly believe in inclusion and high targets being set for all our children. We pride ourselves on high quality teaching and providing a bespoke curriculum for our children. We are aware that each child is unique and their individual needs are therefore also unique. We strive to create a curriculum that is adapted and designed to be inspiring and engaging. At the heart of our teaching is encouragement and nurturing of our children, helping them to over come any barriers they may encounter whilst developing their independent learning. We seek to identify need and use expert guidance when required. Pupils are fully at the heart of the decision-making process at Corpus Christi. We engage pupils by talking with them about their learning and including them wherever possible so that they have ownership of their targets and are fully included in the evaluation and impact these have had. We aim to support parents as the primary educators of their children. We follow a ‘needs driven’ approach to SEND provision and we listen to and work with both children and parents to evaluate what children need and we aim to provide this. We know that parents are our key partners in how we meet the additional needs of our pupils. Through our parent partnership we ensure that parents are fully involved and informed about the provision made for their child and the impact this may be having.

Ofsted said:

 Leaders and other staff are adept at identifying when pupils have SEND. Staff provide effective support to make sure these pupils access the curriculum equally well. Staff use experts in swiftly addressing any difficulty that pupils with SEND may be experiencing. Pupils will send learn exceptionally well as a result.

Below is some information about what we can offer children with SEND: 

How we identify Individual Special Educational Needs
  • When pupils have identified with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) before they start at Corpus Christi R C Primary School, we will work with the people who already know them and use the information already available to identify what their SEN(Special Educational Needs) will be in our school setting.
  • If you have any concerns or you think your child has a SEN we will discuss this with you. We will share with you what we find and agree with you what the next actions will be and what you can do to help your child. If you have any concerns please feel free to make an appointment to see either your child’s class teacher or Mrs Gifford (SENCO).
  • If our teachers think your child is not making the same progress as their peer group, they will initially establish an intervention programme incorporating a review timescale, in order to ascertain if there is an underlying special need.
  • Our graduated approach to providing SEN support does follow four stages, often referred to as a 'cycle.' Assess, Plan, Do, Review.                                                                                                 In addition as a school we follow the  structure listed below:

Stage 1 – Class teacher completes a ‘First Concern Pupil Profile’ or a 'One Page Profile.' They develop a strategy/ plan for the child. After an agreed timescale the class teacher reviews the progress made.

Stage 2  – Class teacher and SENCO agree on a programme of extra provision or an intervention.

Stage 3 – SENCO seeks further assessment for the child/ works with outside agency.

Stage 4 – Child has an EHCP plan which is overseen by the SENCO working with the LEA.


How we involve pupil and their parents/carers in identifying SEN and planning to meet them 

  • We are child and family centred so you can expect to be fully involved in the assessment of SEN this will include, regular planning meetings with school staff and, where appropriate, outside agencies.
  • Where your child’s needs may be more complex, we may complete a Child Centred Review. This process assesses all aspects of your child’s learning and development and indeed the impact upon your whole family. An action plan will be drawn up and professionals will complete this to help your child to make progress.
  • When we assess SEN we will discuss with you if understanding and behaviour are the same at school and home; we take this into account and work with you so that we are all helping your child in the same way and helping them make progress.
  • Where appropriate we will write and review SEN provision maps and targets with pupils and parents/carers on a termly basis.

How we adapt the curriculum so that we meet SEN

  • All staff provides high quality teaching so that they make materials and learning easier or more challenging so that every child is able to learn at their level.
  • We use additional schemes/materials so that we have something at the right level for pupils with SEN. We use school-based programmes alongside purchased programmes such as Wellcom and Talking Partners for language and communication.

How we modify teaching approaches

  • We use many different strategies in order to provide the most effective way a particular child may learn.
  • Many of our staff are trained in a variety of approaches which means we are able to adapt to a range of SEN: specific learning difficulties, including Autism; speech, language and communication needs; and behavioural, social and emotional difficulties.
  • We are supported by Oldham’s Local SEND offer and seek advice from other professionals in order to provide effective provision for children with a SEND need.

Parent Peer to Peer Support

We also have a parent working party. This group of parents work with the SENDCO and SEND link governor in order to share ideas and listen to parents views. The group are also willing to offer support to other parents. They will help advocate for them, come into school with them and share experiences. If you wish to contact anyone in this group, please come into the office or look for them around school.

  • Mrs J Baker
  • Miss B Crowther
  • Mrs A Begum

What our children think about their learning at Corpus Christi!

 'I like the teachers because they help me and support my learning.'

'I like to use dice and cubes and to play games which helps me to learn.'


Governor Voice:

 'We have an inclusive approach in school where all children are encouraged to thrive in all areas of the curriculum.' Ms Anslow

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 SEND Policy 

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